2022 Lapwing White Wine

Winemakers Notes

This wine is very pale, with a just a hint of lemon yellow. Very typical aromas of Solaris, with honeydew melon, elderflower, and a delicious hint of Riesling-like kerosene! This dry style offers decent weight, with more of the floral elderflower notes. Hawthorn blossom and nectarine are also apparent, yet there is a delicious, crisp lemon citrus to the long finish, which keeps you coming back for more!

When thinking about pairing for this wine, try chicken in creamy sauce; seafood pasta dishes; or a pesto risotto.

11.5% Vol.


2022 – Solaris

This fresh white is as easy on the palate, as the local Lapwings are on the eye. Personally, we find it’s best savoured after returning home from long summer walks with close family and friends.